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Tips and FAQs

General Tree Care Tips and Answers to Tree Care FAQs.

Why should I use mulch?

Mulch is great for your trees. It helps conserve moisture, reduces compaction, adds nutrients to the soil, prevents root and trunk damage from mowers and can add a nice look to the landscape. Remember about 2-3 inches of mulch will do. Too much mulch could have adverse affects. As well keep the mulch about 6 inches away from the trunk. Too much mulch against the trunk can lead to insect and disease problems.

When should I water my trees?

The best time to water your trees is in the early mornings and evenings. These are the best times to ensure affective use of water and less evaporation. Depending on rainfall and daily temperatures you should water your trees 1-2 times per week. Water should be done around the dripline of the tree. 1-3 inches of water should be good. Deep infrequent watering is preferred to shallow frequent watering.

How much should I water in fall?

Your watering plan should tamper off in late August. Then, once your leaves have fallen this is the time for a deep soaking to help them through the winter.

When should I prune my trees/shrubs?

Generally most trees can be pruned anytime throughout the year. The dormant season is a great time as it is easy to identify branches that should be removed. No more than about 25% should be pruned at one time. This is a ruff guideline. All trees have different needs and there are some exceptions to certain trees. Ask your Certified Arborist about the best pruning practices for your trees and shrubs.

Should I top my tree?

No, a quick Google search will give you endless reasons why not to top your trees. It will eventually open the tree up to many more problems and financial costs to the homeowner.

When can I plant my tree?

Spring and early fall are great times to plant trees. Considering our northern climate, spring would be preferred to fall after the ground is thawed.

What kind of fertilizer should I use?

Trees in their natural environment get a constant recycling of nutrients from the forest ground. Urban trees are usually deprived of this benefit. Depending on the fertilizer you can fertilize anytime during the growing season. Avoid high nitrogen fertilizers late in the season as this will promote new, weak growth that can be damaged during the winter months.

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